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Video Documentary Information

Submit a Video Documentary


Video Documentary Screenings

There are ten video documentary screening slots, each five minutes in length, which will follow faculty presentations throughout the Scientific Symposium.  The film maker will briefly present the documentary to the audience and be present at the end of the Scientific Session to answer questions.


The audience present at the Scientific Symposium will vote on their favourite MindFlow Performance Video Documentary and the winner will be awarded a monetary prize to be donated to the charity of their choice.


The submission deadline for the MindFlow Performance Video Documentary will be 12.00am (PST), March 7th, 2019.  On this date, all documentaries received will be viewed by an independent panel and their ten preferred films chosen for screening.  


March 7th will be a FINAL DEADLINE and there will be no extensions.





Please follow these rules when entering your MindFlow Performance Video Documentary. 


◦    Your documentary should introduce the film makers, subjects and organisation involved in the filming.  This should be done both in text on the screen and verbally in the opening 30 seconds.

◦    The documentary should portray an accurate representation of the work conducted by the practitioner with the type of clients represented in the screening.

◦    Closing credits should include the names and contact details of all film makers, subjects, affiliations and any collaborating partners involved in the making of the film.

◦    The documentary should not be shorter than 3 minutes in duration but not exceed 5 minutes in duration.

◦    You will be asked to choose three appropriate keywords for your video documentary, which will be used for tagging.

◦    The video documentary submission must be accompanied by a summary abstract, which must be in one paragraph and cannot contain more than 250 words. The 250 word limit does not include the title, author or affiliation information.

◦    Do not add formatting to your abstract. Italic, bold, tabs and extra spaces are not permitted and will not appear in the final program.



Submission Fee


The fee to submit a video documentary before March 7th, 2019 is $40 CAD.  This submission fee is not refundable, even if the documentary is not chosen as one of the ten films to be screened at the Scientific Symposium.


All submission fees will contribute to the monetary prize awarded to the winner.


During the submission process, you will be directed to our secured online payment system. You can pay your submission fee by credit card online.


If the payment site is temporarily down or not functioning properly, please try again later. Your submission cannot be made until your registration and submission fees are paid. 


If you have problems paying, please contact us at

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