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April 11, 2019

International Research Roundtable

International Research Roundtable

An invite-only session, the International Research Roundtable will provide the perfect forum for academic researchers & practitioners to discuss the current state of knowledge & understanding & identify pertinent research areas that will direct the optimal future use of resources 


Session themes will include:

◦   Welcome & introductions


◦   Small intra-disciplinary group work to discuss current research projects, current applied practices & obstacles to achieving optimal performance


◦   Small inter-disciplinary group work to discuss opportunities, challenges & requirements for future collaborative research that has applicable pertinence


◦   Small inter-disciplinary group work to discuss authoring a commentary paper on current concepts, future direction of research & practice in the field


◦   Group networking session


The full scheduled itinerary can be viewed by clicking below (content is subject to change):

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2W6

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