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April 12-13, 2019

International Scientific Symposium of Mindfulness & Flow Training in Performance

International Scientific Symposium


MindFlow Performance welcomes a multi-disciplinary audience of psychologists, coaches, athletes, creative thinkers, doctors, teachers, business leaders & students

An international faculty of experts will explore the integration of mindfulness training & accessing flow states, to achieve high performance in sport, the arts & creative thinking  


The Scientific Symposium will provide a forum to showcase the latest research in the field, increase communication between academic researchers & applied practitioners, whilst building collaborative links to further the understanding of the area of mindfulness & flow training in high performance environments


Video Documentary Invite

Mindflow Performance openly invites academic researchers and practitioners from every performance environment, around the world to contribute to the Scientific Symposium by submitting a short Video Documentary showcasing their work

For more information on submitting a Video Documentary click on the link below





Session themes will include:

◦   Research Advances, Mindfulness & Flow Training in Performance 

◦   Mindfulness & Flow Training in Sports & Tactical Athletes


◦   Mindfulness & Flow Training in Business & Creative Environments


◦   Mindfulness & Flow Training in Children & Adolescents


The full scheduled itinerary can be viewed by clicking below (content is subject to change):




Registration is now open



Lunches for the International Scientific Symposium are being hosted a short distance from the main venue, with the aim of getting you out in the fresh air, stretching your legs and for those visiting the city, showing you another interesting part of Vancouver.


Our lunch partners Fable Kitchen, BeFresh, Biota Fermentation, Flow Water and ChopValue are looking forward to welcoming you. 


University of British Columbia, Robson Square Campus, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 3B7 (Canada)

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