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Who Are MindFlow & What is MindFlow Performance?

MindFlow is an international, multi-disciplinary gathering of some of the most prolific academics and most prominent applied practitioners, who are operating worldwide to push the boundaries of mindfulness and flow training in the sports and high performance arenas.
There is a growing belief that the expansion of our knowledge of mindfulness training techniques and of our ability to access flow states will contribute to a paradigm shift in training high performing talent and a subsequent leap in performance parameters.

MindFlow Performance provides a forum to network, create research collaborations, disseminate the latest research findings and practices, challenge current obstacles to implementation and draw a road map for future development in the field.
Consisting of an International Research Roundtable forum and a two day International Scientific Symposium,
MindFlow Performance presents attendees with an opportunity to listen to respected speakers report their academic work; present case studies and explain their practical performance strategies; engage in discussions with colleagues from around the globe; and watch short film presentations documenting some of the most exciting current work incorporating mindfulness and flow training. 



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