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Who Are MindFlow & What is MindFlow Performance?

Welcome to MindFlow Performance!


MindFlow is an international community of some of the most prolific academics and most prominent applied practitioners who are passionate about the power of mindfulness, flow, exercise, and creativity to optimise performance. We operate worldwide to push the boundaries of brain training in the sports, mission critical, performing arts, business and creative high performance arenas.


In 2018, we came together in Vancouver, Canada to discuss these topics and challenge the existing paradigms. With a license to think freely, our conversations and ideas flowed freely. The event, called MindFlow Performanceprovided a forum to network, create research collaborations, disseminate the latest research findings and practices, challenge current obstacles to implementation and draw a road map for future development in the field. 


In 2019, we reconvened to continue the conversations. The outcomes were equally enlightening, and many collaborations have since been founded upon the bonds created at these events.  

There is a growing understanding that the expansion of our knowledge of brain training techniques and of our ability to access flow states will contribute to a paradigm shift in training high performing talent and a subsequent leap in performance parameters.


We are united behind the belief that the opportunities for enhancing brain performance are unlimited.


We invite you to explore our website and learn more with us.

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