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Dr. Amy Baltzell

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Dr. Amy Baltzell, Ed.D., is an Author, Mental Performance Consultant, Speaker, Reiki Master, Potter, mother-of-three and Clinical Assistant Professor at Boston University. She is the co-creator of Mindful Meditation Training in Sport (Baltzell & Summers, 2018). 


Dr. Baltzell is a high performance and well-being coach for athletes, musicians, sport coaches and business. She has offered invited keynote talks and workshops in the US, Canada, England, The Netherlands and Sweden. She has worked with Olympians, professional athletes, athletic coaches as well as classical musicians.

Dr. Baltzell is a CMPC-AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant via the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and a Reiki Master Teacher, Men Chhö Rei Kei certified practitioner. In 2016 Amy was elected president of AASP, serving 2017-2018.  She was a member of the 1992 Olympic Rowing Team and a racing team member of 1995 America’s Cup women’s sailing team. 


Dr. Baltzell is the author of The Power of Mindfulness (2018, Springer International); Mindfulness and Performance (2016, Cambridge University Press) and Living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for Performance in Sport and Life (2011, FIT). 

Dr. Baltzell will offer insights and lessons learned from creating, implementing and studying Mindful Meditation Training in Sport (MMTS), a 6-hour program designed to help athletes integrate a mindful approach into practicing and competing. Synthesizing her academic and applied understanding, she offers a conceptual model of the intersection of mindfulness, self-compassion and flow in sport.

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