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Max Pollack

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Max Pollack is the founder and owner of Optimal Mindset Consulting, LLC where he provides mental conditioning to achieve peak performance.  Pollack is a performance expert and educator who works within a variety of domains, primarily soldiers and athletes.


Pollack attained his MSc in Movement Sciences with specializations in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.  He dedicated his Masters thesis to researching the experience of ‘flow’ within professional musicians, since music and flow were a major part of his life.


Max is co-author of the textbook ‘Global Practices and Training in Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: A Case Study Approach’, which was edited by Dr. Gualberto Cremades and Dr. Lauren S. Tashman.


Max spends most of his time working in high performance environments, in the realm of sports and tactical settings.  He resides in Colorado Springs, CO, where he focuses on building resilience and enhancing performance within the United States Army.

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