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Travis Thomas

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Travis Thomas started in improvisational comedy 20 years ago. He didn’t realize at the time that the principles of improvisation would lead him on a path of personal development, leadership consulting, corporate training, and performance  coaching. Travis started “Live Yes, And” to help individuals, teams, and companies discover their inner brilliance through a commitment to purpose, authenticity, and collaboration. 


For over 2 years Travis served as a Leadership Coach at IMG Academy where he worked with youth, collegiate, and professional athletes from all over the world and all different sports. He used the games and exercises of improvisation, combined with personal development ideas, to teach mindset, teamwork, character, and mindfulness. Along the way Travis discovered that improvisation was an amazing tool for athletes to experience and feel the flow of mindfulness.


Currently Travis works with teams like the Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, New York Yankees, and Georgia Football. He is the performance coach for a youth soccer club and academy in South Florida and still performs regularly. He recently shared the stage with George Mumford at a mindfulness event in Flint, MI - which was recently named as one of three pilot mindfulness cities in the US. He lives in Florida with his wife and three kids, and he strives to be as present as his dog.

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