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April 8, 2023: Evaluating the Evidence

A discussion around frameworks for reading and ranking scientific evidence. These frameworks emphasize the importance of assessing the quality of evidence, the balance of benefits and harms, and patient preferences and values when considering the available evidence for making clinical decisions.


January 20, 2018

With a little over 60 days until our inaugural Mindflow Performance event, we’re brushing up on our mind/body science and literature by re-reading some of our favorite books that focus on the art of mindfulness and how it affects our body, mind, and athletic performance.


So grab a blanket, some hot tea, and hunker down for a cozy afternoon of fascinating reading that also improves your life.


February 12, 2018





















Anyone who’s ever struggled with food knows that the path to gaining control over what you put in your mouth begins in your mind. Mouth watering cravings can derail a dieter faster than a loaded ice cream cone on a hot day, and getting control over those cravings can be a lifelong struggle.


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